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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." first it was trump. now they're all on the right wing side. you know, i--it was odd that they didn't release the birth certificate to me. it's pretty easy to get right? >> cenk: it's coordinated. we'll show you how they're planning it, and mitt romney is sanctioning. there, i said it! after that we've got a man mad about president obama's drug policy. >> you were president of the united states. you did not need treatment. let the people go. >> cenk: get it, smoking mad? angellett on the show today. he's a libertarian.
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plus stand your ground with a twist. >> if he thought that my brother was threatening him he could have rolled up the window and called the cops. >> but the police did not find anything on him. >> cenk: but this time the races are reversed. what happened? only one way to find out. stay right here because no one% else is covering it. see how a republican dude loses it on the florida. >> not the american way! come out here. >> cenk: we've got great video on that. it's go time. >> cenk: so donald trump is off the reservation.
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he's a runaway train. talking about the birth of this and transcript of that but the rest of the people aren't buying--or are they? they had this to say. >> as the president made clear in this briefing room when it became a ridiculous distraction last year, you know, the american people are concerned about real issues that confronts this nation. they are concerned principally with the fact that we are still not down the road to the final destination of full recovery from the worst recession since the great depression. i think one man's attempt to draw attention to himself by engaging in, you know, this kind of ridiculousness that does not change what most americans care about. >> cenk: are we still talking about this ridiculousness? we are and trump can't stop
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doing interviews. we goes on with wolfe blitzer who has emotion here. just a little bit. >> can i ask a question? donald, you're begin to go sound a little ridiculous. i have to tell you, you are. >> let me tell you something i think you sound ridiculous, and if you asked me a question and let me answer it. >> the conspiracy starts in 1961 when the honolulu star bulletin and the honolulu advertiser contempt rainously announced that he was born in hawai'i. >> many put those announcements in so they can say that they're so-called born in this country. >> cenk: do you know how far you have to be out there before wolfe blitzer calls someone ridiculous. for the first time in his life, boy, that does not seem even. number two this guy with--he's
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a child. oh no, wolfe you're ridiculous. it's bouncing off me and to you. you're glue. here comes sean hannity that he hasever a birther. >> it was odd that they never released the birth certificate to me. >> it's very suspicious that he's not coming forward--he's not coming forward with his college records. >> cenk: oh, i'm not a birther, but boy, why didn't he release? oh, he released it? oh, why didn't he release his kindergarten--no, not kindergarten yet? his college records. one thing about obama, he's very wrong, but i forgot the question though. it's not just trump. it's not fox news. mitt romney drops a hit in
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nevada when there on business. live to what he said. >> i would like to change the constitution. i'm not sure i can do it, he said, but i would like a provision that in addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president and the birthplace of the president of the,i think it should also say, he ought to show that he was in business before coming president of the united states. >> cenk: did you notice how he slipped the birth certificate in there? [chuckling] he released his own birth certificate, mitt romney did. that's a curious thing to bring up. it leads me to think that maybe donald is not off the reservation. perhaps he was told to do this and mitt romney thinks it's a great idea to push forward a surrogate. i didn't do it. it wasn't me, so donald trump
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continues on the warpath. he tweaks out, i want to see barack obama's college records to see how he listed his place of birth in the application. we haven't gotten to junior high yet, but that's coming. did he ever get suspended? was it an in-school suspension or out of suspension. was it in indonesia or kenya. clown of the earth. finally another tweet from the real donald trump president barack obama expects mitt romney to play nice like senator john mccain. that's interesting to me. he's basically saying, hey i talked to mitt romney, and we're not playing mr. nice guy any more. he's going to let me play all the dirty tricks i need to do. if we're going to talk politics let's bring in an expert here. it's time for--
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♪ indeed, political man of epic nature slash former host of the war room. >> yes. >> cenk: michael coordinated obviously i think it is. do you think it's clear at this point? >> i think there is a clear coordination in the language they're using. but every dalliance that donald trump or anyone takes is coordinated. they get off the planes virtually at the same time. they talk about birth certificates. they do two solindra ads on the same day. there is coordination here and what is also coordinated when you invite donald trump to endorse you and you don't dis disavow anything that he's saying. >> cenk: i want to show you a video. first it has the ted nugent stuff, and them romney, and then a woman asking him a question that is really out of bound to which he says nothing to.
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then it has him not repudiateing trump. look at all this put together. >> it's note the language i would have used. >> ted nugent said he had a great conversation with you. and if ted says you're okay. he endorses you. >> yeah, that's good to hear here. it's fun getting to know ted nugent. >> our president our vice president, they're criminals. >> we have a president operating outside the structure of our constitution, yeah, you agree he should be tried for treason. >> i don't agree with all the people who support me, and they don't agree with everything that i believe in but i need to get 15.1% or more. >> cenk: michael, is this a strategy by mitt romney to have people go do the dirty work for him and not repudiate them and say, i didn't do it. >> i don't know if this is a strategy so much but this is what the man is made of.
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he's so consumed to december decent that it renders him indecent. >> cenk: what do you mean by that. >> he'll say the right thing the kind thing the decent thing, i'm not going to get involved, i'm not going to say anything about that, but by doing that he's basically embracing all of the things that these people are saying by not denouncing any of them ngo. >> cenk: to me he smacks that have hypocrisy that i get people who are outwardly moral but not really at pull. like him going into companies taking out the money and ripping their heart out. >> that's the point. that's illustrative of the kind of person he ought to be. >> cenk: another thing as a mormon where does he get his money? well, street and las vegas.
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>> specifically las vegas, it was built on casinos. sheldon adelson gave all this money to newt gringrich and now giving money to romney. you know you're absolutely right. >> cenk: one last thing on this as you see fox news as part of the strategy. they're helping romney any way they can. they did a video that looks like a political attack ad but that was part of their programming. watch a piece of it here. >> we know it's time to create good-paying jobs jobs that pay well and are not outsources. >> president obama is on concentrated on growing government. >> a solution to high gas prices. >> see how quickly the price of gas is going up. if you are complaining about gas, you definitely need a hybrid. >> gasoline price versus gone up. food price versus gone up. >> cenk: have you ever seen a
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so-called news organization put out an political ad like this? >> no, and they berate that they brought it down to $6,000 for a 30-second ad. this is a $96,000 ad. it's free political advertising. never seen it before. bill schine the executive vice president at fox said he didn't approve it blah-blah-blah. they've taken it off their website, but it aired. >> cenk: and they always keep it classy by blame an associate producer for it. they threw that guy under the bus and moved on. they do that because that's the climate and culture at fox news. michael shure, thanks so much, man. when we come back, stand your ground. the races are reversed. stay tune we'll give you that story. >> daniel who had the mentality of a 13-year-old never had a
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weapon of any kind. >> there is no evidence whatsoever.
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kill as many as we can... >>the story of the american born jihadist on the run for his life. an exclusive new interview only on "viewpoint with eliot spitzer." ♪ >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." you know trayvon martin is not the only victim of the stand your ground laws that have proliferated around the united states. we now have a new victim a 29-year-old in arizona who has the mellow capacity of a 13-year-old. arizona also has your stand stand your ground. what has it led to? death being twice as much
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considered a justifiable homicide as it used to be between 2005 and 2009. so before not as many justifiable homicides, twice as many where people go well, i guess he was standing his ground. we're going to call it a justifiable homicide. the latest case is very interesting. let's go to ana kasparian to tell us more about it. >> cenk, daniel atkins was on his way to the taco bell restaurant with his dog. he was walking, but he got into an altercation with a driver. fox news details exactly what happened during that altercation. >> they thought my brother was threatening him. he could have rolled up a window and called the cops. >> instead the driver shot and killed atkins. they didn't find anything on him except for lady's leash. >> there were no weapons on him. but during the altercation the driver almost hit him because he
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was turning into a corner that had a blind spot and at begins got upset and frazzled by it and started yelling at him. yelling at the driver was enough for the driver to take a gun out of his car and shoot and kill daniel atkins. now his dog actually stayed by him until paramedics arrived, and the dog was taken from the scene. but it's ridiculous that he was painted as someone who was dangerous and who put another man's life in danger when he wasn't in a car, he didn't have any weapons. now daniel adkins' sister spoke to the press about this, and describes how innocent her brother really is. >> he made my brother look like a complete you know, scary person. my brother was not like that. my brother was just going to taco bell, trying to grab something to eat. >> atkins sister is saying that the initial stories about her brother were wrong.
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and daniel with the mentality of a 13-year-old did not touch the man's car at all. >> there was no evidence that the car was touched by my brother nor was the driver struck. >> the most egregious part of the story was the man who shot the unarmed man is not arrested. the police say they're investigating it. but this happened in april april 3rd of this year. why hasn't he been arrested? the police spoke about it during a press conference. this is what they had to say. >> just because we don't book a person immediately does not mean that we don't file charges at a later date. >> this person is still on the loose, and i don't agree with that. because if it was self defense you know he's saying self defense, where is the weapon? where is the pipe? they didn't find anything on my
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brother. >> this is an ongoing theme. as long as they say they were standing their grown and did it in self defense, it doesn't matter if the other person was armed. the police don't question that person, and they allow them to go free until there is an ongoing investigation because of media or family pressure. >> cenk: it's interesting because they seem to have flipped the rights and common sense on his head. if you're the guy with the gun you have all the rights. if anybody brothers you at all even with mythical non-existent pipes, the man does not have a scratch on him. the car does not have a scratch on him. he gets to shoot him any way. i didn't like how he was mouthing off, boom, dead i'll move on with my life. if you don't have a gun, you have no rights. if someone with a gun comes to you they have a right to shoot you dead. don't say anything. it's his word against you, and by the way you're dead. >> thankfully we live in california where there are no stand your ground laws.
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but i constantly think about my commute to work and the altercations that i have on my ride to work. if you have actors who are not rational, and they have access to firearms and they can easily use those weapons during an altercation and claim self defense, that scarce the hell out of me. it gives the incentive for everyone to go out and buy a gun, which is what nra wants. >> cenk: of course, it changes the equation so much that everyone buys a gun from the gun manufacturers who fund the nra. they're doing a terrible job because they're encouraging vigilante justice. if the cops aren't doing anything about it, you can shoot anyone you want and you can say, we had a fight and others will do likewise. there are 21 states doing this. this is not about race. you can see the races are
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reversed in this case. but what is more important not who is black white latino but who has the gun and who doesn't. apparently if you have the gun you now have super rights in this country. >> i definitely would want to have a firearm any type of weapon to protect myself if i lived in one of these states. >> cenk: that's exactly what the nra wants to hear. but they're going to start something they can't stop. the whole country is going to turn into the hatfields and the mccoys with everyone shooting each other and claiming they stood their ground. >> there is a recent poll out of florida. 56% of residents are supportive of stand your ground laws. they think it's great. i think part of it has to do with the fact that we're a gun- gun-obsessed country, and everyone wants the right to bear arms regardless of who gets their hands on a gun, it doesn't matter if they have a mental disability, they want a gun. >> cenk: mark my words. this is going to get out of control. it's a horrible idea.
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thank you ana. when we come back, do you remember when they went off on the president. >> so obama, you think this is worse. >> i think it's something to do with class. a lot of people have accused obama of class warfare but the wrong direction. >> cenk: that's interesting. he's in las vegas, and he'll talk to us next on the young turks. what did he mean and we'll discuss libertarianism too. it will be fun for everybody. come right back.
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on the next gavin newsom show: google's sergey brin and anne wojcicki give gavin a hands on look at google's glasses. >>that's facinating.
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♪ >> cenk: we are back on "the young turks," and did you know that there are 16 states and the district of columbia where medical marijuana is legal? president obama said he's going to leave those 16 states alone. if they're legal, then they will not do enforcement from the federal laws. it turns out he didn't mean it. instead, he actually has increased the number of raids 170 federal raids in nine different states leading to 61 different indictments. you know that myth about how nobody gets busted for smoking pot? that's not from you. marijuana-related arrests are up 2009 to 2010, there about 850,000 arrests on that. and i'm mad about that, but i'm not the only one. comedian and magician penn gillette was really mad. >> one in six people are in
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there for weed that jimmy fallen and the president of the united states of america laugh about ha, ha, ha, and then talks about treatment, treatment! you need treatment? you smoke dope! you're the president of the united states. you did not need treatment. let the people go. >> that's penn gillette as moses. penn is going to join us now. he's an author has a popular broad cast, and has been awarded for 16 emmy awards. penn, i think a lot of people who saw that rant thought boy what was he on? [laughing] >> it's always important to point out that i never have had a drink of alcohol or any recreational drug at all.
4:27 pm
i never even held marijuana up to my lips and not inhale. i'm totally clean and sober my whole life. but i just don't like paying money to put potheads in prison. most importantly even if i disagree with obama on many, many things,'s certainly qualified to be president. he's certainly competent to be president. yet under the very laws that he kind of chortles about he would not be president if he was arrested for the marijuana and maybe a little blow when he was younger. maybe he does not make the laws. maybe mr. are political reasons not to do this but don't laugh about people who are having their lives ruined. we have people of the quality of obama, steve jobs and all these people who we're throwing into prison and ruining their lives for marijuana which everybody laugh about, and everybody in
4:28 pm
the world seems to have done except me. >> cenk: you know, you're a strange dude. [laughing] >> cenk: you're a guy who doesn't do drugs you're mad about marijuana not being legal. you're the only person in vegas. certainly the non-mormon who does not drink or do pot. what are you doing? that leaves the question why this particular issue? why are you so mad about this issue as opposed to others. >> there is no particular reason except that the day before my podcast i was driving home and heard on a radio station in talking to jimmy fallen. i know jimmy fallen,'s friend, i love him. but just the idea that obama could be so jovial hip and with it and using words like "weed," and using that kind of terminology, and just laughing and being one of us, and yeah we all do drugs. i just thought about if--if i were a parent whose child was
4:29 pm
doing time for marijuana how could he laugh about that? i could understand him saying, i did it. it was a really terrible thing. it was a horrible thing that i did. we have to stop this. or i could understand him saying we're going to respect state rights and let the places who voted for that let it go. but the in between thing yeah, i smoked weed, and i may have done a little blow. but it's still going to be illegal, and you're still going to go to jail. one/sixth of the people in prison for marijuana, i don't know anyone that i've met who say that's what should be happening. i guess there are some places in our country, but why wouldn't the president at least say we have to work on these laws? at least say that his point of view was evolving. he's done absolutely nothing sore same-sex marriage. nothing, nothing, but did he
4:30 pm
have the decency to say that in his heart he felt it was okay. he's respecting states rights on that. i just think that these--it's not even hypocrisy. it's much worse than that. it's, i'm president. i approve this, but you poor kids who do this maybe you should go to prison. from the point of view of someone who has never done drugs, i just don't want to pay to keep these people in prison. they're no harm to society. they're no harm to themselves. maybe i don't hang out with potheads that much. i don't like them doing that that much, but i don't think that they should be in prison. i'm part of the united states of america, i'm part of those people going to prison and it's wrong. >> cenk: it's not just president obama. it's all--the last three
4:31 pm
presidents-- >> absolutely. >> cenk: all smoked pot, and perhaps worse, according to rumors, etc. and they all put millions of guys in jail for doing the same exact thing. i think that is stunning hypocrisy. but in your rant you talked about cocaine. you mentioned that a little bit there. do you think it's not just marijuana? do you think all drugs should be legal? >> i think you should always ask the question if you can solve the problem with more freedom instead of less. i believe--because i'm a nut--if you don't have the right to put anything you want in your body, then you're not living in a free society. i would like to see everything legal. and i don't like to do pragmatic as opposeed to moral arguments but we're unable to keep drugs out of prison. that means the level of draconian police state that happens in prisons right now still won't work to stop drugs. so all we're doing is giving a huge amount of money to bad people. i would so much like to see the money that's being done in the
4:32 pm
drug trade at least go to people who are not doing drive-by shootings or actual violence. i would like to at least trying legalizing drugs. i think freedom means the freedom to be stupid. no one needs freedom to do the right thing. no one needs freedom to do the smart thing. we need freedom to screw up our lives and do stupid things. i think everybody deserves that right. >> cenk: god bless, man, that's america or supposed to be america. now look-- >> absolutely. >> cenk: i agree with you, and i think if you legalize it i think it makes it less likely people will take drugs. portugal is a good example of that. i want to move on to other issues. you're a libertarian, i'm not so we have some areas of disagreement, and i wanted to touch on that. epa, are you against the epa buyerly orentirely, or what does it
4:33 pm
mean that you're against the epa. i read that. >> what i think is that maybe some of this can be solved with tort law and making decisions from the people who were damaged. if you're ruining the air, if you're ruining the water, if you're doing damage, that's an actual damage that can be debility withdealtwith in the courts. i'm not in father of hurting other people but you have to be careful of prior constraint and a bureaucracy-heavy top-heavy group of people making decisions. it's just not going to be done right into my concern is whether it's epa or common criminals you need cops on the street. it's easy to say if you get robbed why don't you just sue the guy. but no, we need a little bit of protection. if my kids are getting poisoned by the river that's polluted, well i need cops for that, don't i? that's what i think the libertarian argument breaks down
4:34 pm
a little bit. >> you're not saying no police. you're not talking about anarchy. you're talking about these big blanket things that really clearly don't move fast enough and just don't work. whereas what most of those epa rules do is protect the corporations that are doing bad things. if they're within the guidelines, you can't sue them for that thing. i agree with you completely. i just think it's the opposite result. i think that the big government agencies are doing this crony capitalism and protecting. if there is one thing that those companies want who are doing stuff that is borderline, they want regulation from the government so they have them on their side and can say, we followed this all the way to the letter. i believe we should be tougher and we should be able to cost them money and do them damage if they've hurt people even if they are within the rules that the
4:35 pm
bureaucrats set up. also once you have an agency like that, you're allowing a huge amount of corruption. we know who the people are. we know how to get to them, and we know how to make these bathroom deals that i'm never going to find out about. i'm never going to be in it in the end. >> cenk: there's a lot that i agree with you on, especially the crony government. it's grate to have a thoughtful conversation about this with someone who cares about this. penn jillette, thank you so much for joining us on "the young turks"." >> thank you. >> cenk: yes, when we come back president obama, well, is he going to be a fighter? and is that what democrats and independents want or do they want him to agree more with the republicans? we with have the answer when we come back. >> what price will it strike
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with the president before him to fight back. let's just make it clear. this is not about me. ♪ ♪
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kill as many as we can... >>the story of the american born jihadist on the run for his life. an exclusive new interview only on "viewpoint with eliot spitzer." ♪ >> cenk: all right, we're back with a very powerful panel. we havewe have the first question, does america want a fighter? i know i do, but there are new numbers from the wall street encourage and the mbc poll whereas june of 2007 it was only
4:39 pm
46% fight 43% compromise, now it's gone the other direction. 56% say fight and 38% say compromise. that's bans republicans have not moved an inch. they're overwhelming in the fight and don't compromise category but the democrats have moved significantly to screw it, let's fight. >> it's an encouraging thing because it suggests you have the democratic electorate that is paying attention and have been influenced by what they've seen in the bush administration and the first three years of the obama administration. they've seen this massive intransijence, thank you very much. they've seen that and they responded to it. there is no point in compromising, they knock your hand away. >> cenk: bill clinton is not. i'll show a clip from bill clinton and have you comment on
4:40 pm
it, michael. all right, well sorry my bad. clinton said hey compromise is a good thing. reaction? [laughter] >> i mean, going by what the tank said, the whole idea of compromise does not exist. it's a stupid argument to have. you have to have two people or two groups willing to compromise in order to compromise. god bless these people saying no, the compromising era is over. we want to fight now. >> cenk: i don't think it is over. my theory is in the lame duck, if president obama wins, he'll compromise anything. my question is has he learned anything or no? >> i don't happen to think you're right. >> cenk: let's just skip to the part where i'm right. >> another great point cenk. >> cenk: thank you, finally somebody is getting it. >> i think it's really good.
4:41 pm
>> i think you've seen some degree of movement by the president. since he was so far in the compromise category a little move does not seem like a significant move. the guy is not dumb. he recognizes what is happening. you get your hand knocked away a couple of hundreds times you'll offer your hand less. he's human. he may be a pragmatic guy, but he's human. >> cenk: bipartisan compromise leads to terrible ideas now let's show a local news report and talk about what happened. >> something was thrown on the walls to set the fire. this was painful to think that someone would intentionally come into our office and set these things on fire.
4:42 pm
>> haywood suspects someone targeted the building because of what her group does a non-profit to educate women on issues like reproductive health, breast cancer awareness and h.i.v. prevention. their clients haywood says, are people who no one else will help help. >> people with aids and sex workers as well. it's arson. somebody came in there they saw someone running out, etc. is this a case of right-wing terrorism, and if it is, why is no one calling it that? >> they're all consumed with islamic terrorism. that's the only people that can actually claim the man tall of terrorism, are islamists. but there is so much homegrown terrorism, as we know. >> i hate to say we should let the police investigate. >> cenk: no, no.
4:43 pm
>> but so often in cases like this if it was a novel, it would turn out it was somebody's boyfriend there. >> cenk: i hear you, of course let the cops investigate. but if muslims had burned down a church, immediately it would be headlines news everywhere. this is barely anywhere. the local papers and that's it. that's it. >> if it does turn out to be something like this, we see the benefits and obviously we wait to find out what it actually is. but if it turns out to be something like that, keep talking about it. trayvon martin did not break as a national story until three weeks after the actual event. >> this speaks to bias against muslims. >> it does. between '95 and 2011, it compares and has a chart of all the instances. the great majority is the red which is right-wing extremism.
4:44 pm
the blue is muslim extremism in the united states, and at the time of 9/11 it's much worse but what's surprising is how much ecoterrorism there is. when you look at the facts, it's surprising what you find. unfortunately, pressure from the right wingers have taken the number of people investigating right-wing extremism down to one person. and the number of people investigating left-wing terrorism is 95. the disparity is huge. and so now you were here with a great point. well said. thank you. when you come back we've got nick, who is a millionaire, who said we should raise taxes on millionaires. he gave a great talk that was
4:45 pm
banned for a while. we'll talk about that. >> that's why when business people take credit for creating jobs it's like squirrels taking credit for creating evolution. it's actually the other way around. >> we're not through just yet, mr. vice president. >> they're swimming against the tides. (vo) brought to you by pradaxa.
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4:49 pm
>> if taxes on the rich go up, job creation will go down. this idea is an article of faith for republicans and seldom challenged by democrats and has indeed, shaped the economic landscape. >> cenk: nick is right. that is a fallly. fall fallacy. in 1995, interest rate was 5-point percent. but unemployment was 9.3%. we lost a ton of jobs. so even if you were making the argument that tax cuts create jobs, i don't know if they destroy jobs but they didn't create jobs. and today we found out that among people making over $200,000--that's 3.9 million households, 10,000 of those households paid zero dollars in packses. that's because they found all the loopholes and they abused the system, and the system is ripe for abuse. let's bring in nick hanauer here and have this conversation.
4:50 pm
he's the author of the "gardens the democracy" and he's the cofounder of the true patriot network. nick, great to have you here. >> great to see you cenk. >> cenk: we talked about how tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs. you did a great job proving that. what do you think create jobs. >> jobs are a consequence of cycle of life like feedback loop between customers and businesses. what creates jobs are customers. in an economy like ours in the united states the more that the middle class thrives, the more stuff they buy, the more jobs that are created. anyone who has ever run a business knows that capitalists hire more people as a course of last resort. we do did it if and only if the rising customers demand it. calling us job creator is disingenuous.
4:51 pm
>> cenk: i've theory that if you race tax it is will create more jobs. if we have to pay a lot of taxes. i don't want to pay that. what do i do? before the year is up, i hire more people because i don't want to pay those taxes. i invest more in the company. do you think that there is some almost logic to that? >> i absolutely agree with that. i grew up in a small family-owned business. when i grew up tax rates on both individuals and corporations were quite high. as a consequence we kept every dollar in the business. but today with dividend rates so low and corporate taxes so low we pull all the money out of the business. it doesn't make any sense. although, i think that the bigger issue is that you simply cannot build a middle class. they don't auto-magically materialize. they don't appear, you can't
4:52 pm
build it, and the money has to come from the people with the money, wealthy individuals and successful and profitable corporations. we've simply stopped taxing those two groups. >> the golden era when america was expanding, we actually had tax rates from 70% to 94%. that's when we blossomed. during the clinton era we had 23 million jobs created. in the last ten years lower taxes, and we lose jobs. >> absolutely. not only were rates high, top marginal rates high on individuals, but at the same time in the 50s and 60s the effectsive tax rates on corporations was 40% to 45% range. today it has fallen to 15% despite the fact that the punitive rate is 35%. nobody pays it. so you have this situation where
4:53 pm
the united states used to collect about 6% of gdp in corporate taxes. it's down to 1.8%. it's the lowest in the g-20. the fiscal problems we have are obviously related to this. the country simply cannot raise enough money on the backs of the middle class to invest in the country to continue basically to create a cycle of increasing prosperity. >> cenk: nick hanauer, with the true patriot network, which is aptly made because i think it's truly patriotic to say we need to give back to the country so everyone else can grow as well. thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> you bet. >> cenk: now when we come back--i am sorry i'm going to talk to eliot. what is happening on "viewpoint." >> eliot: you almost forgot me. i'll take it personally. we've got an awesome show. we're going to talk about whether this birther thing for reel, and is mitt romney an
4:54 pm
unicorn? that's about as plausible a concern as it is that the president wasn't born here. we have a fascinating show, economics, politics, terrorism it's all in this hour. >> cenk: as always i'm jealous of your guests and your ideas. i had no idea that mitt romney is an unicorn. >> eliot: i'm not saying that he is. >> cenk: and i've never seen a certificate that says he isn't an unicorn. >> eliot: we'll see if he has a horn under that shock of hair he has got. >> cenk: eliot spitzer with "viewpoint," i'm looking forward to it. when we come back, we have one more story for you guys. we have a republican who loses it. you got to see this video. >> not the american way! all the damn time, come out
4:55 pm
here-- [yelling]
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>> total power in one person's hands. not the american way. these damn bills this come out here all the damn time and come out at the last second and i got to figure out how to vote for pie people. >> cenk: that was illinois state representative. do you know what he was anger about? a procedural move that he didn't like. it wasn't even a bill. he lost it. [yelling] and my favorite part people were sitting around him. [whistling] i know you're a politician and you're supposed to look forward but that dude flipped out. he slammed the mic and it was hilarious. by the way he lost. a misspelling on mitt romney's app. he said he's for a merit
4:58 pm
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